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Thank you for your generous pledge to ensure Mills continues to exist and thrive as an independent and private degree-granting, historically women’s liberal arts college.


This pledge is contingent upon Mills College remaining an independent and private degree-granting college, retaining its traditional mission as an undergraduate college for women, and a graduate school for all genders. 

In addition, it is contingent on the replacement of the current President, CFO and at least 1/3 of the Board of Trustees, with leadership skilled in financial turnarounds, who are fully committed to the above mission for the duration of time specified by the donors. It also is contingent on the College's agreement to establish a shared governance structure, with full and active participation of all stakeholders: students, staff, faculty, alumnae and administration in the operation, recruiting and fund raising for the college.

​Save Mills College Coalition (SMCC) will collect pledges and present the total dollar amount to the Board of Trustees, to the Attorney General of California, and to the media. If and when the College commits to the above terms over the period of time specified by the donors, we will hand the personal information included in the pledges to the AAMC (Alumnae Association of Mills College) to process on behalf of the College.

By completing this form, you are committing to the terms of the pledge as described above.


The Save Mills College Coalition believes that Mills College, founded in 1852 as an independent, historic women’s liberal arts college located in the heart of Oakland, California, has long been and can continue to be an irreplaceable educational resource. Our ongoing purpose is to preserve Mills’ unique identity, broad educational focus, and current admissions policy, and to restore the college to financial viability with sound leadership and the needed resources to continue serving its historic mission for generations to come.

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